Shannon Freshour
Founder, SNOW PAC

Welcome to the SNOW PAC — a group focused on supporting the next generation of women elected officials here in Ohio, and around the country.

After running against Republican Jim Jordan, here are a few things I’ve learned:

  • Gerrymandering is incredibly detrimental to our democracy
  • Women candidates often don’t get the institutional backing or resources we need to run competitive races
  • We have to focus on down-ballot races if we’re going to build a bench of strong women elected officials

With your help, I’m setting out to address these core issues in Ohio. Any progress we want to make on voting rights, progressive values, labor rights we must ensure the next decade of Ohio is represented by fairly designed districts. No more “Duck Districts” or “Snake by the Lakes” designed to ensure the GOP holds an unearned super majority in our state legislature and our Congressional Districts.

2022 will be the most consequential elections in decades for the Buckeye State. Yes, even more so than 2020. Ohioans will be electing all the state wide offices, including Governor and an open U.S. Senate Seat, as well as two Ohio Supreme Court seats where the balance of the Court is on the line, our congressional delegation, and state legislature. Everything is on the line in 2022.

SNOW PAC is committed to helping save our state.

We will use the collective strength of this team to challenge gerrymandering, hold Republicans accountable, support women candidates who are battling the status quo and fighting for the causes we believe in, and work to elect women up and down the ballot.

So often, we focus on the top of the ticket because that’s easy to talk about and raise funds with a name people know. But Republicans for years understood and acted to build their bench.

Now, we need to catch up. SNOW PAC is ready to lend a hand to ensure our elected representatives looks like us and women are given a chair to bring to the table.